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Hi there fellow Singaporeans from the sunny island of Singapore! Are you currently thinking of purchasing Triactol but do not know whether you are able to get it in your own country? After all, Triactol does sound really attractive once you know about all the benefits and results other ladies have gotten from using it!

But well, the bad news is that Triactol is currently not being sold in any retail stores at all. You might wonder why this is the case especially when Triactol itself is such a popular and effective product – but the main reason is because if Triactol ends up being in retail shop, you as the paying customer will actually have to end up paying more, due to the commissions that all the middlemen(The retail store owners and shipping costs) will take .


You might argue that you also currently have to pay for shipping if you live outside of the 3 countries that Triactol ship to for free, but the extra cost you only have to pay right now is 10$ whereas you would have to actually pay a lot more (included in the main price) if Triactol was being sold in retail stores.

That is not to say that one day Triactol will not be sold in retail stores in Singapore or any other countries, but currently the only way to purchase it is online through the official Triactol website.

Triactol Natural Serum

Ordering online does have its own benefits such as being able to maintain your own privacy and saving the hassle of making a trip down specially to the local neighborhood store!

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